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The Buzz

A fairly easy model that performs well.

This plane resembles a fly and will fly well. Bend the tail up or down to control the flight. Bend one up and one down to make it spiral!

Medium Difficulty 7 folds distance, duration

Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the paper in half.

Step 2

2. Unfold and then fold the top corners to the center line.

Step 3

3. Fold the top peak down to the edge of the previous fold.

Step 4

4. Fold the upper sides to the center line.

Step 5

5. Fold the top about 1/2 inch away from you.

Step 6

6. Fold the plane in half towards you.

Step 7

7. Fold both flaps out to create the wings. The body will be about a half inch tall. You may want a small piece of tape on the top to keep the wings from popping up or separating.

The Buzz Final Paper Airplane Design
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