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Fast Glider

A paper airplane that actually looks like a real airplane.

The distinct wing and tail sections make this one of the more realistic designs. It flies and glides perfectly too!

Medium Difficulty 7 folds Requires scissors distance, time aloft

Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the sheet in half, unfold and then fold the top two corners to the center.

Step 2

2. Fold the top peak down.

Step 3

3. Fold the top two edges to the center.

Step 4

4. Fold the top peak to the bottom edge.

Step 5

5. Next, fold the peak back up as shown.

Step 6

6. Fold the plane in half and grab a pair of scissors.

Step 7

7. Now, cut along the grey lines.

Step 8

8. Fold the wings out.

Step 9

9. Finally, fold up the wing tips on the back set of wings.

Fast Glider Final Paper Airplane Design

Because this paper airplane has distinct wings that are separate from the tail, its one of the few designs that can use ailerons instead of elevons to steer the airplane.